Landscaping Services


We create breathtaking yard designs that will make your property inviting and appealing.


We can help design a beautiful, professional and welcoming landscape for your commercial or multi-unit properties. Plus, we’ll maintain your property season after season all year round so it’s always well groomed and attractive.


We can enhance your property with a thriving garden landscape including colorful perennials, trimmed shrubs, flowers, and trees. We give extra time and attention to even the smallest details.

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Executive Landscape & Maintenance serves the greater Eugene area with our expert landscape design services.

Grass & Lawn Mowing

Keep your grass trimmed, attractive, and healthy! We make sure your property looks gorgeous, attractive, and inviting from every angle.

Tree Trimming

Keep the trees and shrubs on your property well groomed and nicely trimmed. We'll make sure nothing is growing to tall or too wide, and we'll make sure to remove any debris and leaves that shed from trees and bushes.

Flower Pruning

Pull up all weeds, trim stems and bushes, and provide the right fertilizer and watering schedule to keep the flowers blossoming and healthy.

"We couldn't be happier with Executive Landscape & Maintenance. They've done a great job of keeping our commercial building in Santa Clara looking great. Our tenants have a clean comfortable place with a nice view to work, and customers have a nice experience and solid first impression when they visit the businesses that rent from us."
Michael Wyatt
2400 River Road